Injection Molding Machines


Effects of Introducing

Shorter Mold Changing Time

Reduction of mold changing time leads to an overall improvement in productivity.

With a manual clamping system, workers must loosen and tighten bolts one by one. However, with an automatic clamping system, a single operator can release the clamps holding the mold on both sides at once, reducing changing time.

Confusion due to searching,loosening, tightening and so on makes the work unstable, jeopardizes safety and decreases productivity.
Stable work anyone can do improves the work environment.
A better morale increases productivity !

Comparison of Mold Setting Times

Setting Time is cut in half.Time saved during both setting and removal.

※ Actual recorded times for mold settings performed on a 180 ton Injection Molding M achine. The Automatic Mold Clamping System used was a KOSMEK Magnetic C lamp.

Conventional System
(Manual Tightening)

Automatic Clamping System

Improvement of Safety

Application of the automatic mold clamp allows everyone to change molds by button operation,
to prevent backache and sweat-caused slip and to improve work environment.

Conventional System(Manual Tightening)

Unsafe work
hurts your back.

Automatic Clamping System

Safe work
Stable wor

Productivity can be improved because the work without any tool results in saving time for searching tool.Stationary type clamp and auto slide type clamp eliminate the work at the non-operation side to reduce the work time and improve productivity.

Operation and control panel manufactured by KOSMEK is designed considering prevention of wrong operation by workers as well as the interlocking with the molding machine.

Quality Improvement

The application of the automatic mold clamp allows the same mounting result without relating to individual workers.

Improvement in operational ease and productivity by reducing the mold change time leads to total cost reduction.

Enhancement of Total Business Power

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