Press Machines Quick Die Change Systems

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Die Change Process

Load the die.

Load the die using a crane or forklift.
The pre-rollers enable easy loading.

Transfer the die to the bolster.

Transfer the die to the bolster .
With the pre-rollers and die lifters,minimal force is required to move the die. Die lifters are set in the T -/U- slots.

Die Lifter : Hydraulic pressureON

Set the die on the bolster.

With push-button operation, the die lifter releases and the die makes contact with the bolster.

Die Lifter : Hydraulic PressureOFF

Set the automatic clamps.

Set the slide to the bottom dead center .
Slide automatic clamps on the T -slot and bring them near the die.

Automatic Clamp : Hydraulic PressureOFF

Lock the die.

With push-button operation, automatic clamps lock the die.
After safety confirmation, the pre-roller can be removed.

Automatic Clamp : Hydraulic PressureON

Die Change Completed

Unload the die.

With push-button operation, automatic clamps release the die and it is easily unloaded.

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