For Press Machines Quick Die Change Systems

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Effects of Introducing QDCS

Introducing Automatic Clamping


Takes a long time to lock the die by tightening bolts.

Lock the Die with Button Operation

With automatic clamps only button operation is required to lock the die.
Die change time would only take a few minutes allowing a single die-setting.

Different operators, different tightening force.

Work Standardization

With automatic clamps, the die can be locked with the constant clamping force.
With push-button operation, no skilled work is required.

Tightening bolts in a bad work condition can lead to an injury.

No Dangerous Work

Since there is no need to tighten bolts by hand there is no possibility of injury caused by the work in a bad condition.

If a press machine is operated without tightening bolts securely, it causes a serious accident.

No Insufficient Locking

There is no possibility of insufficient locking, since the interlock function prevents the press machine from working when clamps are in released condition.

It is hard to tighten the die with bolts when the work condition is bad or retightening is uncompleted. It causes deformation of the die.

Prevention of Die Deformation

Automatic clamps enable to lock the die with the constant clamping force and prevent the die deformation which leads to defective products.

Introducing Pre-Roller / Die Lifter


Hard and dangerous
to load / unload the die.

Improvement in Crane Operation

By loading the die with pre-roller which is set in front of the press machine, crane operation would be easier.

Hard work to move the die on the bolster.

Less Hard Work

The die can be set with minimal force by sliding on the pre-roller and die lifter .

The die may be damaged if moving the die on the bolster .

Prevention of Damage

The die will not be damaged since it is slid on the pre-roller and die lifter .

Quick Die Change Systems Improve Safety・Productivity・Quality

  • Securing Safety by the Interlock

    When pressure decreases, the pressure switch detects abnormality and the press machine stops immediately.
    There are other interlock functions that ensure safety.

  • Efficient Use of Press Machine

    Reduction in die change time improves the press machine operating time.

  • Stockless Manufacturing

    Reduction in die change time enables stockless manufacturing which allows manufacturing the minimum required amount of products.

  • Multi-Kind, Small-Quantity Production

    Reduction in die change time enables multi-kind and small-quantity production.

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