Robotic Hand Changer
What is a Tool Changer?

INTRODUCTIONWhat is a changer for a robot?

Considering the installation of industrial robots? Want to maximize robot's usage? See how.

Single Robot,

Multiple Operations

Industrial robots are sometimes referred to as “semi-finished products”, meaning one robot itself does not have the ability
to complete an operation in an automated production line, but
the robot is able to complete the operation by installing a tool - which is called a hand, a tool or an end effector - to the robot end.

If a single robot can change hands like a human does, the robot
is able to perform multiple operations (robot standardization).
“Robotic Hand Changer” was designed to accomplish this purpose.

What is a Tool Changer?

A tool changer is a product that "changes" a hand, a tool or an end effector that is attached to a robot wrist (end) either automatically or manually. It is also known as a hand changer, ATC, etc.

Basically, one robot performs only one job. In order to perform multiple operations, its hand needs to be changed each time. Changing robotic hands by hand takes time and can cause human errors.
A tool changer enables a robot to change hands automatically, or manual one-touch tool change.

For robot operators in laboratories and schools: You think tool change is unnecessary? A tool changer makes maintenance and adjustment easier. Sharing an experimental robot with a tool changer enhances a variety of experiments.

Advantages of Kosmek Tool Changer

KOSMEK LTD. (Head Office: Kobe, Japan) designs and sales various products related to factory automation for a wide variety of industries, and our products have been installed to many plants worldwide including all major automobile manufactures.
Kosmek tool changer (Robotic Hand Changer model SWR) is designed for high-accuracy machining in production lines where
micron accuracy is required and no operation stops are allowed.

Kosmek Hand Changer, designed to prevent operation stop, is equipped with an exclusive movable taper sleeve to achieve competitive advantage.

We have many advantages that cannot be found in other tool changers.

Our hand changer (model SWR) is applicable to robots ranging from 0.5 kg to 360 kg payload.
The latest changer, Manual Robotic Hand Changer (model SXR), is operated by hand and thus best suitable to collaborative robots.
We are developing more innovative products to meet the needs of every customer.

Best Suitable for Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots, working with humans, are frequently seen in many work places today. What we want them to do is not only one job but many more jobs to help or replace human-required repetitive work. So, we developed a hand changer that is best suitable for collaborative robots.

Unlike automatic changer that requires special knowledge and technique, Manual Hand Changer (model SXR) can be “easily operated by anyone”, and thus it is recommended for collaborative robots. Our manual robotic hand changer enables an operator to change hands and tools by hand very easily.